You, Your Insurance Company & Your Storm Damaged Roof

I’m Terry McMurray, your Online Roofing Expert. As a roofing contractor with over 25 years of experience serving my friends and neighbors in the Dallas Fort Worth area I offer these tips on how to save when a roof replacement is needed. I realize this is a boring subject, but, if you own a home this is valuable advice that could save you tens of thousands of dollars. So bear with me for a few moments.

You’ve experienced a storm. “Do I have roof damage?” is often your first thought. You look for leaks and do a visual inspection of your roof (from the ground). Everything looks fine. So, you forget about it. Until the first leaks start to show.

Okay, now there’s a problem. How do you handle it?

Many people call their insurance agent at this point. Some call a friend and some look online to find a roofer, any roofer that catches their eye.

Here’s some expert advice to prevent a very costly mistake.

Stop and take a deep breath. Now, spend some time researching roofing contractors in your area. Do Not call the first name you see. Look for experience, especially in dealing with insurance claims. Do NOT call your agent to file a claim, or get your roof inspected.

All roofing contractors will examine your roof for free. Most all will find storm damage. This is when you need to be cautious about who you deal with.

Finding damage is common place. It is usually there. But, knowing what to do with that information is very crucial in getting your insurance claim paid.

Make sure the roofer you trust has a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating (A+ Accredited 5 Star is best). Check for a Google Guarantee and 4.5 Stars, or higher. Then check for years in business and if they do homes like yours.

After you’ve selected your roofing contractor, and getting their okay, is the time to call your agent to file a claim. “Why?” You probably ask. The reason is simple. Your claim must be filed correctly, or it will be denied. In fact, even with leaks and obvious damage, expect your claim to be denied. Unless, you are represented by an experienced roofing contractor. This contractor will meet with the adjuster while the roof is being inspected. If the contractor has a winning record with getting claims paid, the adjuster will often avoid costly arbitration and pay a claim that is otherwise destined to be denied.

Your insurance company is not your friend.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Your agent may be your friend, but he is an agent for the insurance company with little to no influence on claim determination.

The key to getting your roof claim paid.

The key to getting your roof paid, is selecting a quality, honest, and experienced roofing contractor to represent your interests when dealing with your insurance company. A roofing contractor that is willing to fight for the client’s rights and coverage to get a roof replacement, rather than a shoddy patch job that is often paid out of pocket by the homeowner.


Should your claim be denied, you have the right to take the case to arbitration. This is where that experienced roofing contractor shines best. A good contractor will be happy to represent you at no additional cost and no obligation should the arbitration claim be denied.

Unfortunately storms bring unethical people out. They have no local base, they advertise online and knock doors in hopes of getting you to sign a contract that commits you to paying them to install a new roof, or just patch the roof you have. They do not care about your insurance coverage and will not represent you should the claim be denied. They are after your money and are far too often successful.

Lastly, all reputable roofing contractors, that specialize insurance claims, will offer you a contingency contract that relieves you of any obligation should the insurance claim be ultimately denied.

I have served the DFW area for over 25 years with All Pro Roofing & Designers We specialize in insurance claims. We often get tough, previously denied, claims paid through our arbitration services.

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Terry McMurray is the Roofing Expert for All Pro Roofing & Designers. Serving DFW for over 28 years. Your Insurance claim specialists.